Life After Sport – Business Mentoring

Club Fit For Business offers a dedicated business mentoring service for athletes with the entrepreneurial talent to run their own business. The mentoring service will help open doors and create new career and leadership opportunities for those that have transitioned or are in the process of transitioning from a career in sport into business. We will help from inception including developing business plans, raising finance, building support networks as well as connections to help launch their business.


As many will need support to get started, Club Fit For Business has a dedicated network of business people willing to mentor, all of whom have a sports background or adopt the best practices of sport. Our unique business network covers the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Mentors will share their invaluable insights, strategies and leadership expertise with mentees, addressing the challenges of transition, business and finances. If you are an athlete looking to make that transition and launch your own business, please contact


Club Fit For Business is a not for profit network and this is our way of helping talented business stars of the future.


Social Inclusion – Level Playing Field

Sport is an integral part of any child's healthy development. It allows children to interact on a level playing field, builds character and teaches them sportsmanship and discipline. We believe that all children must be given the opportunity to play sport and we are currently working with a number of charities to help children in deprived areas be able to access and benefit from sport. We want all to have the same opportunity that has been afforded to many of us. Playing competitive sports early in life and the values of sport are key assets in the business world. All in all, we want to help foster business and sport stars of the future. We are currently working with a number of charities to help children have the opportunity to play sport. Sport plays a huge part in the mentoring and education of any child.